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About Chef Nedra


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Chef Nedra Harris is a renowned celebrity chef who has made her mark on the culinary world. She began cooking at a young age, and inspired by her mother's kitchen, she went on to study at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Chicago. After honing her skills under master chefs there, Chef Nedra competed in Season 11 of Hell's Kitchen, which showcased her outgoing and fierce personality and made her an instant fan favorite. In addition to her culinary expertise, Chef Nedra has also developed her own unique spice blend called "Pootie Spice" as well as writing cookbooks that tell of her love for food.

Beyond her own achievements, Chef Nedra has become a leader in the culinary industry as well as catering services for large events and private dinner parties. She continues to provide memorable private chef experiences to celebrities and influential figures across the United States. Her skills are second to none, and she offers everything from drop off catering to Houston-area catering.


Whether you're looking to try out her Voodoo Pasta or Cajun Brunch, book a celebrity chef for an event, or add a touch of spice to your meal with a dash of Pootie Spice, Chef Nedra Harris has something for everyone. Her culinary talent and passion for food are unmatched, allowing her to share her love with the world. Now you can enjoy Chef Nedra's creations in the comfort of your own home! Contact her today.

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