Frequently asked questions

What is included with the rental of the facility?

Rental fees include use of tables (round and rectangle for seating up to 220, and 2 cake tables) up to 220 ivory banquet chairs, white linens, one-time set up, tear down, and cleaning. Access to building until 12 a.m.

When can we see the space or set up a meeting?

We are available most days of the week to provide a tour. Please call us at 605-261-3586 to set up a time.

What does the layout look like?

We have maps of several set ups which could work well, depending on the number of people in your party. Work with the Summit Director for seating arrangements.

How many people can we fit in your space?

For a sit-down event, the maximum is 220. Our tables are 8’ round and 8’ rectangular tables with 8 chairs per table.

What are the restrictions or rules?

We take pride in this historic building, and we ask that you do your part in following a few simple rules so that others may continue to enjoy the Summit. The following list is not all-inclusive; always check our Rules and Information for Renters sheet for the most up-to-date information:

• Outside coolers or alcohol is not allowed.

• No hard alcohol permitted on premises.

• The renter or caterer is able to bring in coffee, punch, or juice (Summit sells beverages in cans, bottles, and kegs).

• The following items/decorations are not allowed: confetti, popcorn, fireworks (including sparklers, rice, sand, birdseed, Silly String, glitter, tape, glue, nails, pins, spray paint, spray of any kind, Play Dough, or animals (including fish).

• You cannot staple, nail or glue anything to our building or equipment. If something needs to be hung, we recommend using zip-ties, twist ties, wire, or fabric.

• Candles are only allowed if the flame is surrounded by a glass receptacle at least two (2) inches over the flame.

• Liability Insurance of $500,000 must be provided to the Summit ten (10) days before the event by the renters. This can usually be obtained by contacting your homeowner’s insurance agent. Catering and entertainment must provide $1,000,000 of coverage for liability. For more information, check our Rules and Information for Renters sheet.

How do I host part or all of my bar service?

Each event varies, but what we see most often are hosted kegs, boxed wine, or drink tickets. With drink tickets, they can be handed out by the host/hostess to each person as they enter the reception or placed at each place setting. Drink tickets are valued at the price of the redeemed beverage. Our bartender will total the redeemed tickets at the end of the night and charge you the price of the item selected. We will invoice you for this the week after your event, along with the remainder of your rental fee and any other rentals. For the most up-to-date prices, see our Rules and Information for Renters sheet.

How many glasses can we get out of a keg, wine box, or champagne bottle?

Typically, a full keg will provide 140 glasses, a box of wine will provide 24 glasses, and a bottle of champagne will provide 8 glasses. The Summit Director will provide drink prices to you upon you giving them a list of drinks you desire. You can expect reasonable bar prices for drinks.

When do we finalize the details of my event?

We will finalize with you one week before the event, typically on Friday. This ensures time to place orders for drinks or other decor.

When can we set up?

If you purchase a basic package, you may begin set up on the day of your event beginning at 8 a.m. If you need to decorate the day prior to the event, you may rent that day at a discount, if it is available. If you choose to wait until five (5) days prior to your event and the day prior is available, you may purchase up to 3 hours of set up for $100. Unless prior arrangements are made, all rentals and decorations need to be cleared out the night of the event to allow our staff to come in to change over the space.

When can my vendors set up?

Your vendors are able to come in during your set-up/decoration scheduled time or the scheduled time for doors when our building is staffed. You are responsible for communicating the scheduled access time with your vendors. We cannot allow vendors to stay or enter outside of these times (for example, they cannot lock-up when they are done). All vendors and decorations need to be cleared out the night of the event.

Where can my guests park?

Parking is available in the lot to the south of the Summit Events Hall. Street parking is also available.

How do I cancel my event?

Cancellation can only happen by written notice to the Summit Director by the contact/signed renter of the event space. The initial deposit is nonrefundable. If the event is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled event date, the renter must pay the outstanding rental balance.

I rented the venue but opted not to rent the Summit Suite; might someone else be staying in the Suite?

If you opt to not rent the suite, it is possible the suite may be rented to a separate group.

I see that the Summit Suite is listed on Airbnb; can I rent it through there and use it for my reception?

Although the Summit Suite is listed on Airbnb, it must be rented through Summit Events Hall if being used in conjunction with an event in the Summit Events Hall. There are two reasons for this:

1. Upgraded service is available to brides and grooms.

2. The Airbnb travelers generally utilize the apartment during the week when events are less likely to occur, ultimately keeping costs down for all other users.

Is the outdoor green space available for weddings or other outdoor activities?

Yes, you may rent the outdoor green space (just south of the building) for $150. This fee covers wear and tear of the space. This area has been used for weddings, a bouncy house, and various outdoor games.

Does the Summit provide table service?

We do not bus tables. Please arrange bussing services with your caterer. We will only clear items which we have served, including drink bottles, glasses, and cans.

What staff is included in the event rental?

One on-site manager will be available during your event. If you need additional staff, please inquire for rates with the Summit Director.

When can I decorate for my event?

All decorations must be removed by the end of your rental time. Anything left behind may be thrown away and you may be charged maintenance/cleaning fees. Cleanup or disposal fees may be added to your final invoice. Please make sure your vendors/rental companies are aware of this restriction as their noncompliance will be charged to the renter.

Renters may call the Summit five (5) days before the scheduled date to reserve the Summit for afternoon setup the day prior to the event, which will be allowed if the Summit is available. The setup times will be from 1 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. during business hours the day prior to your scheduled event date. There are no promises or guarantees on availability. A fee of $100 will hold the day before for decorating.